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I, Harry Roth, am the sole principal of RothPlan a community planning firm based in Lancaster, PA. I have 37 years experience as a professional planner and was a principal partner in the firm of Gehringer-Roth Associates until 2002. I have worked with hundreds of municipalities in Pennsylvania since the late 1970s. I provide specialized and community-responsive planning services that go beyond a set of "canned" techniques. My approach is candid, and practical. I'll dig into your community and offer direct and specific recommendations that confront the issues of today and tomorrow. While I employ a "no-nonsense" and "make no excuses" approach to our work, I also apply the latest planning technologies that meet your needs and capabilities. I detest plans that recommend additional plans or studies as an outcome.

Since becoming a planning consultant in the early 1980s I have pioneered new approaches to municipal planning and zoning that have been reported in the American Planning Association's Planning magazine, and Township News and other Statewide and national publications. One of my recent articles entitled "Preserving Trees & Water Quality within Lancaster County: A Case for Riparian Buffers" appeared in Sylvan Communities, a magazine of the PA Urban & Community Forest Council. Numerous projects have received acclaim among State and County planning professionals, and been used by them to develop methodologies for similar projects.

As a small firm, I offer direct, personalized service. I prepare the plan/ordinance and attend all meetings. I also conduct all public hearings. I have been responsible for the preparation of comprehensive plans for some 63 municipalities, including 11 Regional plans and zoning ordinances for 49 municipalities over the last 30 years. Don't be fooled by a large firm's overall history of planning work; rather, investigate the experience of the person who will prepare the Plan. You'll discover that large firms have usually employed several "junior" planners over the years who have not had nearly as much professional experience. I was awarded the Year 2001 Planning Award from York County, for the Southern York County Region Comprehensive Plan.

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             901 Pleasure Road , Lancaster, PA 17601 - Telephone - 717-468-8935 - rothplan@dejazzd.com

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